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One Trials Ride Stunt Gone Wrong

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One Trials Ride Stunt Gone Wrong

Don’t be this guy!   Just a quick clip of an attempted standing bunnyhop on a mountain bike.  A very “impactful” video.

Trials Biking Breakdown:

Observed Trials can basically be broken down into this: Ride a bike up, over, and on things most people wouldn’t dream of putting a bike on. Bicycle Trials began as an offshoot of Motorcycle Trials, which had it’s birth over 20 years ago in Europe. People started taking technical motorcycle riding to more extreme levels, and eventually they figured that what you can do with a motor you can also do without, and Bike Trials was born. Spain is generally regarded as the birthplace of all forms of Trials, and today Europe (and increasingly Japan) are the hotbeds of Trials action.

Our thanks to the guys over at Trials-Online.com for the proper explanation.

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