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Tour De France 2009 Cancellara Highlight

Cancellara is riding incredibly fast during downhill stage at the 2009 Tour De France. This is quite a highlight of 2009 road biking with great music to match. I will be posting highlights of the 2009 Tour De Francde during the next week, sorry so late.tour2009_0

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Daily Tweets

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Shadow Conspiracy_ The Calling


Cool bmx video from shadow conspiracy with some good trails, park, and street riding. New Flat videos are on their way.

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Emerica_ This is Skateboarding

An ultra rad video featuring Erik Ellington, Tosh Townsend, Andrew Reynolds, and Ed Templeton just to name a few. Watch and njoy, it’s free and full length!!!

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Bianchi Super Pista!!! Nuff Said…

For all those loyal hipsters that demand the stiffest most badass track frame for the streets, here it is. Get one before your neighbor does, matte black, stronger and it is drilled for a brake. Bianchi giving us what we want, and it is pretty inexpensive for what you get. Will be available soon so you eBayers out there throwing down $1,000 for a pista concept frame, think again. This puppy will be available retail with warranty for $750.00!!!

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Crankworx, Contraptions, and Purty Dirt Jumps


Mountain biking is really stepping it up. And Crankworx Colorado is keeping up with the latest madness, building contraptions for dreamlike floaty mountain bike lines with smooth transitions and smoother wall rides. Keep it up, and we will have more excellent riding like this in the future… Professional mountain bikers are getting crazier every summer.

More bike videos on

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Daily Tweets

  • Hey young world!!! If you want to watch bmx, skate, or track bike videos in full length check out!! #
  • Aerospokes, I would just like everyone to know that aerospokes are not the worst wheel ever. Not the best, but at least they look cool. #
  • It's training season at the velodrome in San Diego, see ya there!!! #
  • Does anyone know what cleat fits with the MKS custom nuevo wide pedal? I want to race it with kashimax straps, but can't find the clips! #
  • Wow, I just found a really cool mountain biking video, they built jumps on a barge in the San Francisco bay!!! I posted it on my site FYI. #

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Lance Armstrong Is My Hero

Tour De France 2003! Classic

Number one, little boy with the yellow flag, shame on you. Number two Lance Armstrong is the man!!! He always manages to impress the world with his incredible will to win. If you are going to ride a century or just ride to the grocery store, here is some inspiration. I am thinking about adding a whole section to Lance Armstrong on this site.lance-thumb-512x339-thumb-512x339-2147

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Mountain Biking in the San Francisco Bay!!!

Prepare to get extremely jealous and possibly question if that office job was the right choice. These guys have the coolest dirt jumps ever built and are getting paid to ride them. They were apparently filming for new world disorder 10.bay_bridge_c5

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